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What you’ll learn

✓ Traditional Kata
✓ Kihon
✓ Competitive Strategies
✓ Agility
✓ Mobility
✓ Conditioning & Strength training o Recovery


✓ Experience required
✓ Members must have at least a green belt in karate
✓ Age 9+


Private Coaching Program designed to take your traditional kata to a world champion level.

The complete online training program for elite-level karate athletes

In between private lessons, group classes, and the rest of life’s fast-paced activities, even the best athletes in the world need help building structure in their training and implementing new drills and training methodology. Whether you are a school owner, competitive martial artist, or a die-hard martial arts knowledge seeker, the our online training program will enhance the way you train, teach, and think about your training forever!

Each month, proformance brings a COMPLETE training plan that gives members the essential technical drills, competitive strategies, and the champion’s mindset to become the best in the sport karate world and in life. The custom training plan guides the members every day of the month so their training is always hyper-focused.

After thousands of hours of research and instruction, as well as over a decade of teaching martial arts online, the Proformance Team has created a complete and comprehensive online training program to produce elite level kata athletes. The elements of this program have created numerous WKF Medalists, USA & Dominican Republic National Team Members, and Champions in circuits such as WKF, AAU, NASKA, WKC, WKU, WSKF & many more.

The program consists of the following elements:

Training Programs ($250 Monthly Value) Includes training plans with kihon, agility, mobility, recovery, conditioning and strength training to keep you progressing every month. Members receive a complete training plan with supporting videos and documents to ensure they are following a regimented program that WILL result in success. Members will also have access to our library of hundreds of technical and strength training drills!

4 Live Weekly Classes ($450 Monthly Value) 4 LIVE Weekly classes that you can participate in from anywhere in the world! You will be able to ask questions and interact as if you are in the class! Classes meet at the following times: Monday 7:30 PM EST, Wednesday 7:30 PM EST and Sunday 10:00 AM EST.

AFS App & Community ($65 Monthly Value) Members get access to the exclusive AFS App and Community, where they can interact with the other members of the group and access all of the content related to the training program

Priority Access & Special Pricing on Private Lessons ($250 Value Per Lesson) Members get early access to all AFS Coaches calendars to book any private lessons, as well as getting a discount of $50 per lesson for being a part of the coaching program.

Total Monthly Value- $1,015 per month

Join NOW for ONLY- $67.99/2 Modules

If you are a SERIOUS athlete, that wants to take your KARATE game to the highest level, this program is for you! Enrol now and start your path to the top!


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This course includes:
✓ Training programs
✓ 3 Modules
✓ AFS app & community access
✓ Priority access & special pricing to private lessons

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