Using elements of various martial arts such as Juju Jitsu,
this course helps to develop…

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What you’ll learn

✓ Confidence
✓ Thinking Under Pressure
✓ Manoeuvre yourself in ground position o Unarmed 1v1 confrontations
✓ Joint locks
✓ Leverage and proper technique
✓ Self-defense skills


✓ Beginners welcome.
✓ No experience required.


Turn on any TV, watch the news and you will see how changes in today’s world and in our culture are creating the need for information and training that exceeds what a normal martial art school or Karate program has to offer.

Proformance Combat Sports Center’s counter-aggression training serves to benefit people of all backgrounds. This class will teach you new techniques and strategies that will teach you how to assess and react to potential threats.

Using elements of various martial arts such as Jujitsu, this course helps to develop proper striking, grappling, and evasive techniques. This training will give you a well‐rounded effective personal protection plan that will cover intelligent threat assessment / planning, basic firearm use, close quarter manipulation (Disarms, Weapon Retention), effective and realistic defensive tactics (Self‐Defense) that will work in multiple environments (including hallways, doorways, ground fighting), as well as in and around motor vehicles ‐ just to name a few. Not only this, but there are several other key benefits you will encounter. Such benefits include physical fitness, self-confidence, and a positive social environment.


In Module 1, you will find the first twenty techniques that we teach our students. We understand that familiarity and practice of this sequence are able to pave a solid route of personal evolution through Jiu-Jitsu. Defenses against the choke, headlock, collar grab and back grab, and the escape and control from the mount and from the back-take are demonstrated and explained with simplicity.


In Module 2, you will find defenses against the punch, shove, headlock, collar grab, grab, choke, guillotine and tackle. Submissions like the triangle and the armlock, and essential positions like the mount elbow escape, knee-on-belly and hook sweep. For the first time, you will see techniques against stabbing, blunt weapons and threat with firearm.


In Module 3, We teach the standing guard pass, foot locks, armlocks and elbow locks from side control, and defenses against the headlock and the collar grab. How to defend against other types of attacks with blunt weapons and knives. How to escape side control with the elbow recovering guard, and how to escape the back-take with hooks.


This module brings many submission techniques and, here, students experience drills and scenarios in which they can start to apply all of the techniques.

Beginners welcome. No experience required.

*Must register within the sign-up period as this is a module-based course that will last 8-12 weeks with each student assigned to a cohort that will follow the modules accordingly. No drop-ins allowed.


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This course includes:

✓ Module 1 – Beginner
✓ Module 2 – Weapons
✓ Module 3 – Immersion
✓ Module 4 – Final

*Each module can take 2-3 months to complete.

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